Bengal Kittens in Louisiana

Mythical Bengals is a cattery based in Welsh, Louisiana. We breed healthy, breed-standard Bengals that make the perfect companions.

Why Choose Mythical Bengals

If you decide to buy a healthy Bengal kitten then you came to the right place. All of our Bengal kittens are raised with love and attention in constant contact with people and children. They are perfectly socialized, brought up accustomed to using the tray and scratching. We let them play freely around the house and with our children. We are interested in quality, not quantity.

Health Guarantee

We offer a one year health guarantee on any genetic health problems.

Friendly Kittens

Our kittens are well socialized and ready to join your family.

Health Testing

All Studs and Queens are negative for PKDef, PRa B, HCM, FLV And FIV

About Us

We are a small in home cattery located in Welsh, Louisiana, right next door to Lake Charles. Our Bengal kittens are bred with love and attention for rosettes, flitter, type, pelt and contrast along with that wild look that is the breed standard.

They are raised inside our home along with our 6 year old son Maddox, my father-in-law “Grandpa” (who all the kittens and cats totally love), our Ragdoll Cat Bacchus and our 2 standard poodles, Harper and Camo.

I have a huge heart and passion for all animals, especially Bengals who have huge and funny personalities.

About Bengals

We appreciate your interest in our Bengal cats and share your enthusiasm with respect to this fascinating breed.

Bengals are among the most exotic and coolest domesticated cats out there. Bengals are famous for their “dog like” behavior.

Bengals are known as very distinctive, intelligent, and loyal cats with great character. They are smart enough to be trained and able to walk on a leash.

Bengals are hypoallergenic, meaning that most people allergic to cats will not be affected by them. Bengals’ short pelt with beautiful leopard spots gives minimal shedding and feels like velvet when touching.

They have an awesome personalities and are highly energetic. Kids love to play with them. They are considered a healthy breed with only a few genetic issues related to most purebreds.

Bengals are the size of a medium-large household cat.

How do I reserve a Kitten?

Call me at 337-452-1206 or message me.  Schedule a visit to our home anytime.

What is your kitten cost?

Our kittens start at $1,800. Each kitten Is priced according To markings, color, And conformation

What age do kittens go home?

Our Kittens go home at 12 weeks.

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