1. Buyer agrees to take good care of this cat, to provide food, shelter, suitably healthy and stimulating environment, correct routine and accident related medical attention, exercise and affection. It is agreed that this cat will not be allowed outside without supervision.

2. This animal is a purebred Bengal Cat and is TICA Registered. The kitten will be transferred to the new owner with the appropriate TICA Registration Forms.

3. This kitten is guaranteed have not any visual defects such as medallions and tail faults at the time of delivery from the Seller to the Buyer. The Seller has no responsibility for the emergence of any defects in the future. Breeder is not responsible for breeding and show – career of the cat in the future.

4. The seller guarantees that at the time of sale the kitten is healthy and has no signs of viral diseases and fungal infections.

5.Seller guarantees that at the time of sale the kitten is free from parasites.

6.The buyer has the right within 3 days of purchase to check the health of the animal with a licensed veterinarian. In case of illness of the animal at the time of purchase, the buyer is to inform the breeder with the presentation of the veterinary report confirming that the animal at the time of purchase has a health problem. Excluded are the causes of the disease associated with the transport of the kitten, improper feeding or maintenance of the animal after the acquisition.

7. If the buyer does not exercise the right specified in claim 6, the claims of the animal in the future will not be accepted.

8.The breeder gives a guarantee for the health of this cat regarding HCM until the age of 12 months. In the case of the death of a kitten from HCM BEFORE THE AGE IS 12 MONTHS (the buyer is obliged to provide the seller with an opinion from the veterinary clinic confirming the diagnosis of HCM), the breeder provides the buyer with an equivalent replacement.

9. If the delivery is carried kitten by plane (train) unaccompanied breeder or authorized person breeder, the breeder is not responsible for the state of health of the kitten during the trip (trip) and beyond. Responsibility for the health of the kitten during transportation is the responsibility of the transport company.

10. It is agreed that no kittens from said cat will be sold to animal brokers, pet shops or their agents. All kittens will be sold with registration papers, health guarantee and cannot be sold in “litter lots”. The cat is never to be bred to an unregistered or mixed breed cat. If such a breeding takes place, the cat and all kittens will be surrendered to breeder.

11. Cat cannot be sold or leased to a third party at any time.

12. This cat/kitten cannot be co-owned, sold, resold, or traded as a breeder.

13. This kitten cannot be used a producer/breeder.

14. Buyer also agrees that if any legal action needs to be taken that all legal fees will be Buyer ‘s responsibility for both parties and it will be held in the seller’s current state and county of residence.

15. Disputes will be settled between Seller and Purchaser privately and will not be aired in a public forum including Yahoo Group lists and Facebook.

16. The buyer bears all costs of delivering a kitten.

17. The deposit for the kitten is $200. The deposit is not refundable under any circumstances.

18. In case of kitten’s death before the day of transfer to the new owner, the breeder undertakes to provide an exchange for an equivalent kitten.

19. Signing indicates agreement to all points indicated above. Breach of contract will result in cancellation, and in turn repossession of the cat by the breeder without compensation.