Healthy, Beautiful Bengal Kittens

Bengal Colors We Produce

BROWN GLITTERGround color can be all shades of brown. Brown to jet black markings. Green or gold eyes.
SNOW LYNXA very light white cream color, dark or light seal markings, dark seal brown tail tip, blue eyes – always.
SNOW MINKIvory, cream, light tan color. Dark seal brown tail tip. Blue-green or aqua eyes
CHARCOALGround color can be dark grayish/brownish or carbon colored. “Zorro” markings with white goggles around the eyes and a dark charcoal mask.

These are our available kittens.

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Want Your Own Mythical Bengal?

To start the adoption process, fill out the application. Once you are ready to pick your kitten, we will do a personal phone interview with you and a $200 deposit is required.

Health Guarantee

We offer a one year health guarantee for all genetic issues.

Kitten Price

Our kittens start at $1,800. Each kitten is individually priced according to markings, color and confirmation.